Setup Sonarr to use Read-Only Folders (Solved)

Sonarr version (exact version): 2.0
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Description of issue:
I wanted to add read-only network shares to be scanned for missing episodes but I get the message “is not writable by user…”.

The workaround solution I have currently found is below:-

  1. Creating a Map Drive to Full access to network share
  2. Add the map drive (Eg. Y:) by Import Existing Series On Disk + Find all TV Series
  3. Close Sonnar
  4. Delete Map Drive (Eg. Y:)
  5. Re-create Map Drive (Eg. Y:) to Read-Only access to network share

Is there a better way I can add read-only network share?
(Eg. Bypass/Disable the write permission check/warning or some other way)

(I assume adding a directory with full access & then changing the directory location requires editing SQL Query as couldn’t see any directory paths in any text-based config files)

I know this tool might not be designed for just missing episodes but it’s miles better than all the others out there.

Found Solution to bypass the message “is not writable by user…” after sitting down for about an hour hopefully people can reply or like the post if this was useful to anyone. :slight_smile:

This is technically just creating a folder & linking it to Sonarr then modifying the database entry to point to the new Read-Only location thus bypassing this message (Checking of permissions)

Before starting I recommend doing a full backup of Sonarr or using a fresh instance to test my solution.

See steps below:-

DB Browser for SQLite (sqlitebrowser)

Step 1 - Create a empty folder & link to Sonnar

  1. Create a empty folder on C:\ or D:
    (Eg. C:\TestFolder)
  2. Open Sonnarr
  3. click “Add Series” --> “Import Existing Series On Disk”
  4. Use empty Folder & click the green tick button
    (Eg. C:\TestFolder)
  5. Close Sonnar from system tray

Step 2 - Change Directory Entry using DB Browser For SQLite

  1. Download & extract sqlitebrowser
  2. Open DB Broswer For SQLite
  3. Open C:\ProgramData\NzbDrone\nzbdrone.db
  4. Select “Browse Data” Tab
  5. Select “Table” --> “RootFolders”
  1. Select the value (C:\TestFolder) in the “Path” column
  2. On right hand side you can edit it to the Read-Only path
    (Eg. \192.168.x.x\TVShows)
  3. CLick “Apply” Button

Step 3 - Scan Read-Only Directory

  1. Open Sonarr
  2. CLick “Series” --> “Add Series”
  3. Click “Import Existing Series On Disk”
  4. Click on the path
    (Eg. \102/168.x.x\TVShows)

This will start scanning this folder & all sub-folders for all your TV shows & then you can make your decisions on the match.

This is a amazing project and hopefully these steps will get more people involved with the project & also donate.

(Hopefully in a future release this can be added as a feature)