Setup Sonarr and SABnzbd in Docker for first time - Seems to be working except one minor thing

Hi guys, running the latest Sonarr and SABnzbd using Docker and PUID/PGID
Thankfully episodes
1.Can be grabbed by Sonarr and passed on to SABnzbd
2.Info can be passed from SABNZbd that episode has been downloaded back to Sonarr that can then update

SAbnzbd is set to directory: completed downloads
Whereas Sonarr is obviously creating Show specific folders in the directory set within :tv:

The issue is that the above process is making 2 episodes - A crappy named one by Sonarr in sabnzbd and the correct one in tv show being made by Sonarr i presume
Question is how to get rid of the copy in completed SABnzbd folder?

Secondly, in step 2 above, looks like perhaps the file is being recopied from SAB to Sonarr to be placed in the tv folder - It is taking a bit of time (I can see sonarr working on it in the queue section). Is this normal?


You should not be ending up with duplicates. Check trash guides and fix your setup accordingly

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