Setting-up qbittorrent on Linux to work with Sonarr inside Docker


I am running sonarr within Docker, and was wondering what I need to do to have qbittorrent - which is installed directly on Linux talk to the Sonarr which is installed via Docker. Is this even possible?

I have not found the answer I’ve been looking for

This is not a problem. You need to ensure that qBittorrent is putting “completed” downloads in a folder that the Sonarr docker container has access to via the “volume” configuration of the Sonarr docker container. For instance, if qBittorrent downloads to “/home/media/qBittorrent” and you store your media in “/home/media/TV” and “/home/media/Movies”, in the volumes section of Sonarr map “/home/media:/home/media”. This will allow Sonarr to pick up media and move it to the permanent storage location all within the same mount. You would also configure “/home/media/TV” as a root folder in Settings/Media Management in Sonarr configuration.

The Sonarr docker container should have no problem reaching the HTTP endpoint for qBittorrent just make sure to use the external IP address for qBittorrent and not the loopback address ( when configuring qBittorrent as a download client in Sonarr.

  • If you are using Radarr in Docker as well you would use the same mount that Sonarr is using with qBittorent (i.e. “/home/media:/home/media”) which is why I mentioned Movies and not just TV.

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