Series shows ended, but now continuing

The Australian series The Secrets She Keeps shows only a single season and ended in Sonarr.

The series now has a second season, can you please update Sonarr so it will download.



Shows as continuing and 2 seasons here. Try removing and re-adding the series.

Or just wait for various caches to expire and sonarr’s task to update metadata (every 12 hours as far as I know), or manually refresh that one show… no need to delete and re-add series.

As the TVDB page for the show was last modified a week ago, I kinda figured it couldn’t really be a cache issue at that point.

Thank you, I just refreshed the show in Sonarr and it has updated showing the second season.
A couple of weeks ago I tried refreshing and also deleted and added the show back into Sonarr, but it still showed the show had ended.
It must have been the recent update to IMBD.
Thank you to all for your assistance.

It’s never going to be an imdb update that fixes things in sonarr. IMDb is not used for anything.