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when adding a new series you can set pretty much everything, except the series folder name

the root folder is there, but not the folder name of the actual series

when editing a series there is no root folder dropdown, just the full path (both root and series folder as one) that you can browse to (or change manually)

could those be made consistent? i’d prefer the same as editing so its just one long path, but you could break it up in to root and series paths if you had to

unless theres some reason to not allow the series folder name to be set at addition?


Sonarr automatically creates the folder name based on the Series Folder Format.

We do not have plans to change to a full path when adding the series (though we’ll be looking at including the actual folder name that will be created as an example) nor change the path when editing the series to separate drop downs.


yes, but the format i want isnt available, eg series name (0000)

i always want the year included, in brackets, but theres no way to get that. {series titleyear} is close but doesnt clean out any garbage and {series cleantitleyear} doesnt include the brackets around the year (they get cleaned out).

maybe i dont need to though. what characters are removed when using a clean variant? probably easier to use that and fix the occasional weird one than having to fix every single one at the moment.

! still remains in the example text (i thought it was meant to be removed?). brackets obviously are removed as they no longer exist around the year, but theres not enough other characters in the example series name to be of any real use in understanding the actual differences.



found the source code regex (i think - ScenifyRemoveChars?) at

it seems to be a bit broken and doesnt actually clean much. was using to quick test it out on different series names.

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