Series not in expected place, files disappearing

Sonarr Version
Mono Version
Mac Mini M1 - Ventura 13.3.1 (a)
Sabnzbd 4.0.1 [1263068]

Here’s a strange one ( to me ).
I recently connected a larger 2Tb drive to my Mac mini in addition to a 1Tb I already had. At the same time I decided to update the Sabnzdb file to the latest version.
I decided to copy the TV and Movie folders to the larger drive and redirect all future actions to place new TV episodes to the larger drive.
When a new episode was downloaded it was sent to the old drive and the folder copy on the larger drive had its contents removed.

I had changed the ‘TV’ category in Sabnzb config to point to the new destination and the history shows a correct path for the downloaded file.

             /Volumes/Toshiba2TB/Complete/TV/Barry/Season 4

I left the User folder as

Series sorting was enabled with,

         %sn/Season %s/%sn - S%0sE%0e - %en.%ext

On Sonarr the root folder is /Volumes/Toshiba2TB/Complete

Any help gratefully accepted

  • Disable sorting in sab
  • Don’t use the same directories for sab (downloads) and sonarr (sorted series)
  • Let only sonarr be in charge of the sorted series folder: let sab download to a separate (temporary) location, and let sonarr pick up the files and move/rename them to the sorted series folder.

thanks for suggestions.
i disabled sorting in sab but got confused with the rest, the only location entry i see for sonarr is when asked about root folder path in media management, which i set as /Volumes/Toshiba2TB/Complete -

is sonarr root folder path supposed to be the same as sabs Temporary download folder or its completed download folder?

do i delete the sab category for ‘tv’?

  • i did dl a tv program through sonarr and went into the correct series folder but on the wrong drive.
    as you can see I’m totally confused with whole thing.
    thanks for your patience

neither, it should be something outside of the sab path structure so theres no possibility of conflicts, eg /Volumes/Toshiba2TB/downloads/sab/... for sab, and /Volumes/Toshiba2TB/tv/... for sonar

when you changed drives did you go into the series > mass editor and update the root folder to the new location for all the existing shows you had? or did you leave them on the old drive/root folder?

adding/removing a root folder(s) under settings > media management just changes the locations you can select in the dropdown, it doesnt actually move/change anything that already exists.

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