Series Names is in English when the Language Profile is set to French

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OS: Windows Server 2012
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I’m sorry but maybe I didn’t understand how the Language Profile works but I thought that if I select the Language Profile to another language than English, Sonarr will use the Serie Name and also the episode titles in the language selected as long as they are available in

Unfortunately it’s not working this way for me. Can you please let me know how I can use the foreign language name for the series if possible.
I have update sonarr from v2 to v3 and hoping this was the way Language Profile was working.

The language profile is only used for selecting which files to download. E.g. the release contains nothing specific > sonarr assumes it is English. If the release contains something like French > sonarr considers it to be French.

Metadata (series name, episode info, …) is always in English in sonarr. In fact, if thetvdb doesn’t have an English entry for a particular series, it will not work in sonarr.

Thanks Thirrian for your quick answer.
That’s what I was afraid of.
I believe Sonarr don’t have plan to use foreign languages metadata like Radarr and that’s really a pity.

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