Series / Calendar data different from TVDB

Sonarr version:
Mono version: linuxserver/sonarr
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3 / Docker
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Description of issue:
I have been having issues with a significant difference of episode counts, names and dates in series and calendar compared to TVDB. As an example, The Repair Shop s12 on TVDB has 14 episodes, but in Sonarr shows 34 episodes. I see the episode names are weird, and go to 34, but there are only 14 episodes.

Any hints on what might be going on here? Is it unique to me, and how can I clean this up and reset the series data to what is in TVDB?

The Repair Shop - Unknown - Season 12 - shows 24 episodes, the Production Order on TheTVDB shows 14, but currently Sonarr is only able to use the aired order.

Ah, huh. Honestly I never paid attention to the aired vs production order on TVDB.

Now I wonder if there’s value in allowing that to be configurable, or at least specifying in case a season pack is based on production rather than airing.

Regardless, good info, thanks.

was investigating the same episode mapping issue and i saw some mod notice and discussion on the tvdb series page. it sounds that since the repair shop airs multiple series at once (s11 and s12 both ran through 2023 at different times of day), tvdb moderators are starting and ending “aired order” seasons by their own judgement, then placing episodes into “production order” seasons to match bbc’s series numbers. it’s a strange situation that results in tvdb’s “aired order” mismatching the network but “production order” looks more correct.

The root of the problem is that TVDB data does not match the data elements of many other plug-ins, and even the torrent publisher’s TMDB, leading to many fatal problems.