Series are not downloading (Rejected: Unknown series), probably because of localized Title

.NET Yes (6.0.13)
Ubuntu server 22.4
debug logs debug log -

Hello all!
I am using Radarr for quite a while already and now I 've tried Sonarr too but came onto a problem: all the series I try to download are rejected with the reason: Unknown series.

I tihink it’s because all the indexers I have use the following release title format:

< localized title > / < International title > < SxxExx > < year > etc… (See screenshot).


My question is: is there any way I can whethter:

  1. Make Sonarr use localized tilte or
  2. Skip the localized title and find the international title which goes after?

Is it somehow tunable through RegExp or something?

This landed in develop 2 weeks ago, I think it’s for the same issue as you have: New: Parsing for titles with multiple translated titles separated by '/' and the season at the end by spanasiuk · Pull Request #6453 · Sonarr/Sonarr · GitHub

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Any estimations when will it get to release?

No idea, I’m not a dev :slight_smile:
If it’s something you really need, probably best to switch to develop.
Since you can’t go back from develop to main, take a backup before you start! If things go horribly wrong you can install main again and restore the backup.

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