Send download with a label when you send to a torrent client

Mono Version

Hi, is it possible to had a label to the automatic download coming from Sonarr. Because I have created a kids-tv directory link to a label in my rtorrent client, but all download coming from sonarr are automatically recognise by amc script as a show, I have then to move manually the folder to it’s good location.
Would be great to have an option to had this label.

I don’t follow. Sonarr already sets a label on downloads (if you’ve set that in Sonarr’s rTorrent settings).

Hi well the problem is that you define only 1 label, and in my case it is “shows”, but in sonarr you can also follow anime, and I would like to have them label as “kids-TV”, so that in plex they appear with all others video for kids. Maybe it’s possible but then I don’t know or haven’t found how to do it.

Ps : it s me with another account, I forgot when I posted earlier that I already had an account.

That’ll happen when Sonarr imports the files as long as you set the kids show to use the correct root folder when you added it.

We don’t have any immediate plans to support multiple labels.

Ok thanks for your answer. I don’t use Sonarr for this, I have a rclone process that take care of this in association with Filebot and the amc script. Having a label per show would be the best, maybe in the futur.

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