Selecting HEVC or DDP5.1 as additional qualifiers

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I auto download using preferences on HD 1080p, or HD1080/720 etc. This works very well, but I’d like to see more preferences like selecting from the available releases the one in HEVC.

It would be good to download the 1080p version, for instance, but then download the HEVC instead when it’s available, or the DDP5.1 version instead of the AAC2.0 one. Another use-case would be to download the WEB-DL version over the HDTV one.
Replacement on successful download would be desirable.

Hope this makes sense. Of course this relies on suitable name-standardisation, and a behaviour similar to the current detection of REPACK versions.

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You’re describing preferred words, which is functionality that’s available in sonarr v3 :slight_smile:
Preferred words can be used to replace a release within the same quality.

This is standard functionality, based on how you rank them in your quality profile(s). That’s been in sonarr forever.

Basically the qualities take preference, e.g. in a standard quality profile 1080p WEB-DL is considered better than 1080p HDTV, and then within a particular quality you can let preferred words upgrade releases with “better” ones (audio, video codec, a release group you like better, …) so that e.g. a HEVC 1080p WEB-DL release replaces the previous x264 WEB-DL release.

As you say, this all hinges on properly named releases.

You can also group qualities together, in case you’re more concerned about e.g. getting HEVC releases but don’t care if it’s HDTV or WEB-DL. Someone can probably correct me if I’m wrong, but to the best of my knowledge all qualities in a group are considered equal. So you could combine HDTV, Bluray, WEB-DL if you want, and let the scoring system of preferred words work out what the “best” release is.

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