Seems sonarr identified a single episode as a full season

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows
Debug logs:

Description of issue:
when grabbed torrent had subfolder(maybe), sonarr will recognize it as full season whatever how many episodes in it and then stuck, v3 dont have this problem
any help?


We need those debug logs the template asked for.



Everything looks fine in both logs, the one with a subfolder is rejected because the file has already been imported, not because it contains all the episodes in the season.

thx for reply, that’s the problem, why it try to import one episode as full season when torrent have subfolder?

I can’t tell from the log, it doesn’t show that happening.

From your screenshot it shows that the torrent, and folder, are titled Therefore, Sonarr will see this as the full season until the individual episode (correctly titled) is imported.

The issue lies with the release name rather than Sonarr.

no, at first i also thought it was caused by release name, i tried to change the subfolder name to S01E11 and import again, but the problem is still exist.
anyway, sonarr v3 dont have this problem

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