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Hey team
thank you for all your work guys.
I have quite a good idea i think.
today privacy is such a big thing, it’s all going VPN and seedboxes, most ISP’s are looking for guys torrenting.

Would you prehapes consider doing one of two things,

  1. provide integration with one or two of the top seedboxes out there, so that they can do the downloading and seeding and just send sonarr the file. There are work arounds to doing this this but they are such a mission and do not really work well.
    for instance you could work with one of these guys
    and maybe strike up a deal where you get a little cut for referrals you send? This would give torrenting a hand up in the world as seeding would be so fast, also we would be safe for guys like us, and for you a little extra for beer.

2ndly. Why don’t you start a seedbox that full integrates with sonarr/radarr , you could charge the going rate and start to make a little extra money for further development or beer money.

If you wanted i could gather support for this.

Thanks Again team


Sonarr is already installable on many shared seedbox providers and self hostable seedbox scripts.

Also, it integrates perfectly with seedboxes already even from a remote system either using the torrent client API or if all else fails, a Blackhole…

You’re asking for features that already exist.


That’s certainly not something you start on a whim and expect to be viable with little attention, that is at the very least a part time job for several people, possibly full time for one or more. Running seedboxes isn’t trivial and has costs involved. This is not something we’re consider dedicating effort to for the possibility of some beer money (if we made money at all). I think people would much rather us spend time working on Sonarr than trying to compete in the seedbox space (including myself) and if people want to donate we do accept those.

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