Second instance of Sonarr won't delete renamed/moved files

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Win10
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I run a seedbox which has one instance of Sonarr. Once download is completed filebot copies the files to a gdrive folder.

This gdrive folder is mounted to a Win10 VM that runs Plex. What I was using is a filebot script to process the files which moves the shows to the correct folder. While this works, I was hoping to switch to a local copy of Sonarr (and then Radarr as well) to rename/move these shows.

I have the rename/copy working as expected. However I cannot seem to get Sonarr to delete the original copy from the folder that it is processing from. Since this is a second copy of Sonarr and isn’t responsible for downloading the torrent file to the seedbox it can’t tell the when the “client” has stopped seeding the file.

Is there a way to process these files and either move vs copy or delete the file?

No input on this matter? I’m guessing this is not possible from the lack of response.

You need to be more patient.

With seeding torrents Sonarr will only hardlink or copy, it won’t move or delete until seeding is complete and is configured to remove completed torrents, but that wouldn’t delete the file, just tell your client to do it.

Your best option is use a custom script to remove the files after imported.

The 2nd copy of Sonarr running on the VM isn’t connect to a torrent client. I’m using it solely for renaming/moving only.
But I guess either I need to have a script or switch back to using filebot.

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