Season Naming Query

Sonarr version
Windows 10 22H2


I am wondering if it possible to configure Sonarr to use SXX instead of Season XX.

I have tried changing this from {Season:00} to {S:00} but it seems to want Season in the field.

Reason being is that I have my libraries as SXX.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

{season:00} will just return the number (with leading zero), so folders are named 01, 02, …

Standard season folder is Season {season:00} so you get folders named Season 01, Season 02, …

What you want is something like S{season:00} you should get folders like S01, S02, …

Hi @Thirrian

Thanks for this! Worked a treat!

Sharing for others!


Try season ad bug if fails inplug dflugtion

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