Season Matching - Expedition Unknown


This year I wanted to see if there is a work-around matching up seasons or what other folks may do with similar issues.

Here is the problem.

With the Tv Show - Expedition Unknown

We are currently on season 12 ! , Sonnar has it as season 12. IMDB has it as season 12. TVDB = 12

But when Sonarr downloads the new EP it’s coming in as S13E01.

So Sonarr cant match the EP with the correct season so it sits in the download folder and doesn’t move to the link tv show / season folder for us to watch.

We need to manually move it and also change the season number from 13-12.

I know it’s a very small issue, easy fixed, but is there a way to tweak this ? write a rule for a name change or something.



There is a tool out there to help with this… TheXEM Moderation Guide | Servarr Wiki

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