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Description of issue: Searches aren’t matching between indexers and NZBHydra2

When searching, I’m finding a lot of searches aren’t returning complete indexer results from Hydra 2 but Hydra 2 finds them when searching:

Searching in Sonarr directly with indexer:

Searching inside Hydra 2:

Searching with Hydra2 in Sonarr:

Any ideas?

Looks like the difference is althub returns 0 results for the TVDB ID search so Sonarr falls back to a title search, but when querying NZB Hydra 1 result is returned for the TVDB ID search and Sonarr does not fall back to a title search.

Any way to fix or should I stop using Hydra… Which, I’d rather not do.

The fix would be to get the downstream indexers to return more results when searching by TheTVDB ID. There is no way to force Sonarr to search by title as ID searching is much better.

I guess I’m just confused why Hydra 2 is finding the titles but Sonarr doesn’t with Hydra2 as the indexer.

This is what Hydra shows as the capabilities of althub.:


If what you are saying is that Hydra2 isn’t spitting back due to ID searching, I’ll have to look at Hydra2’s issue? I know you don’t dev Hydra but any ideas how to do that?

Quoting my reply from above. When you search directly in Hydra you’re searching by title, not ID.

Thanks. I’m asking Hydra devs about this.

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