Search for New Shows Via Network

I know at one point there had been the question of if it were possible to add new shows via network, and the answer was of course that there was not yet.

I wondered if that was a feature that could be added?

I looked into the API for TVDB and did not find somthing like that. Looking at TVMaze they seemed to have some arguments, but it more looked on followed networks.

Figured I would toss the question out for people that spent more time with that sort of searching.

If reelgood has an api it would be great for this. I use that site to look at shows by network.

I second that!
Many, many times I want to search a specific network for content, and find myself getting a lot of “noise” in the search results.

Could that be done by using keywords like for example “network:hulu” as part of the search string. It would help a lot!

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