Script to Auto-Update Plex Library/Libraries When Sonarr Adds New Episode

Hey Guys -

In the past, I posted here before asking for a script which would have Sonarr trigger a Plex library update for newly added episodes but to only have the series scanned - not the entire library as I have tons of media. Unfortunately, none of the solutions worked. After some troubleshooting, I have created one and thought I’d share hoping others may benefit. Below are a few details & notes about the script followed by a link to download the .ps1.

Sonarr -> Plex TV Series Update Script

  • Updates Plex immediately after episode is added
  • Supports just one or multiple Plex TV libraries
  • Scans only series for newly added episode - not the entire library
  • Written for Windows installation of Plex Media Server
  • Script comments include configuration steps

You may download the script here. It’s only a .ps1 so no risk of virus / malware. I considered posting the code here, but formatting seemed off so decided not to.

Hope someone finds it useful. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

Why wouldn’t you just go into the plex settings and check “Run a partial scan when changes are detected”?

Does that setting not work if Sonarr pushed the info to Plex?

(I don’t have Sonarr set up to notify Plex; Plex is set up to watch for changes and then scan the affected folder. That may not be your cup of tea though).

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