Script to auto delete files from transmission when you remove movie/series in sonarr/radarr

Hello everyone !

You are aware that when you delete a file from Sonarr/Radarr, it do not delete it in the transmission folder, which can cause disk space problems. Sonarr and Radarr only delete the torrent when it has finished seeding. If you’re like me and like to leave your torrents in permanent seed until you delete it, this script might be able to help you.

The goal is simple, the script must be run regularly via the crontab, it will look if files have been deleted in the Sonarr / Radarr folders (when you delete it in the web interface, and checked the box)by comparing with the files you have in your transmission download folder. If it notices a difference then it will go and delete the torrent on transmission via the API.

Here is the script :


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Does someone interessed by this script for deluge or another download client ?

Hello, i would be interested by your script, but it give a 404, do you have put your repo in private?