Script for Plex to scan episodes Sonarr downloads?


Can anyone help me out with a script that will make Plex automatically scan files that Sonarr downloads?

I want to do this rather than a full library scan as I have my files on Google Drive which temporarily locks the account if a lot of API calls are made and doing it like this will reduce the API calls

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Canโ€™t help you with a script but Sonarr will do a series scan if partial scanning is enabled in Plex (and a Plex version from the last year is used).

Am I missing something here, or isnโ€™t this exactly what the Plex Media Server option does under Connect in settings does?


Yes, go into Plex server setting and then Library, The very first setting, Update my library automatically
Check that!!!
Your library will be updated automatically when changes to library folders are detected. Simple, no script needed!!!

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