Schema for Advanced List -> Custom Lists Import

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OS: Windows 11 Home
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Where can I find the schema for the Lists → Advanced List → Custom List import? I have searched the documentation but can find no information about it at all.

I have a custom site, with associated MySQL database, to track my TV watching & watchlist. I can create a URL to my watchlist in the needed format - XML? JSON? - but have been unable to find what Sonarr needs?

Trying the watchlist URL on my site - knowing it wouldn’t work, but hoping would give schema info in the errors (it doesn’t) - gives the following:

Unable to send test message: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ParseValue()
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReader.ReadForType(JsonContract contract, Boolean hasConverter)
at Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.JsonSerializerInternalReader.Deserialize(JsonReader reader, Type objectType, Boolean checkAdditionalContent)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializer.DeserializeInternal(JsonReader reader, Type objectType)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(String value, Type type, JsonSerializerSettings settings)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject[T](String value, JsonSerializerSettings settings)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject[T](String value)
at NzbDrone.Core.ImportLists.Custom.CustomImportProxy.Execute[TResource](CustomSettings settings) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\ImportLists\Custom\CustomImportProxy.cs:line 74
at NzbDrone.Core.ImportLists.Custom.CustomImportProxy.GetSeries(CustomSettings settings) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\ImportLists\Custom\CustomImportProxy.cs:line 35
at NzbDrone.Core.ImportLists.Custom.CustomImportProxy.Test(CustomSettings settings) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\ImportLists\Custom\CustomImportProxy.cs:line 42


I think you got your answer on Discord, but it should be:

{ "TvdbId": 12345 }

Though it’s not case sensitive.

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Brilliant thanks. I guessed it would be something simple.

One thing that has caused an issue is that the 6 hour cooldown between checking is not reset when changes are made to the settings - even if that includes changing the url.

I initially tested with only a few entries with a manually created file - which worked successfully. Then after creating the dynamic feed it didn’t work - told me zero new entries. I assumed that changing the file location in the settings & forcing a manual test would reset/ignore the 6 hours. But I kept getting 0 entries result after repeated tweaks and tests, including switching the dynamic back to the original URL.

It was only after fully deleting the list from the settings and adding a completely new list setting did it immediately pull in the dynamic list.

I know it says 6 hours, but still a bit strange & frustrating.

PS I hadn’t seen in Discord as wasn’t a member. I’ve now joined and found it. Thanks again.

Ahh, someone asked there about the same time so figured it was you. Good point about the interval, we’ll update it to not apply for requests for single lists.

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