Scene Naming Problem : Tomorrow Is Ours

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OS: Synology
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TVDB ID : 328775
Scene Name : Demain nous appartient
TVDB Name : Tomorrow Is Ours

I added in Sonarr the series “Tomorrow Is Ours”, a French series, the name of this series in French is “Demain nous appartient”

But when Sonarr searches for an episode, he searches for it with his name in English, so he finds no results.

Here are some examples of available releases:
Demain nous appartient S02E462 FRENCH 720p WEBRIP x264
Demain nous appartient S02E461 FRENCH 720p WEBRIP x264
Demain nous appartient S02E460 FRENCH 720p WEBRIP x264

Search for Sonarr for episode 462, but without result :
Searching 1 indexers for [Tomorrow is Ours : S02E186]

Sonarr should have searched “Demain nous appartient : S02E462”

I can not manually change the name of the serie in Sonarr and I have already used the form that is planned for that. That’s why I need your help :slight_smile:

How to make Sonarr correctly look for this series with his name in French?

Thank you

PS: Sorry for my English, I used Google Trad

When I look at the log debug I see that Sonarr is downloading this feed:,5040&extended=1&apikey=XXXX&offset=0&limit=100&q=Tomorrow%20is%20Ours&season=2&ep=186

Which gives no result

But by changing the address to:,5040&extended=1&apikey=XXXX&offset=0&limit=100&q=Demain%20nous%20appartient&season=2&ep=462

I have results!

This is I would like Sonarr to do it alone! :wink:

tvdb is showing the french translation and if i add it to sonarr i can see it has the french name as an alias

when you do the manual search in jackett double check that the category its in is the same as you have set in the indexer in sonarr, or it wont find it

eg, when i do a manual search i can see s01e05 but cant see it in sonarr but thats because on that indexer its under 7010 (other/misc) and i only have 5000 set so i dont see it.

i think it might also have a mapping issue, if XEM hasnt been setup for it as those episode numbers dont line up with anything in sonarr (which comes from thetvdb), so if youre still having issues with the higher episodes you may need to ask for that to be sorted out

Thank you rhom for your answer,
I just test like you episode S01E05 and indeed sonarr find it. (I had not thought of it before because the old episode does not interest me)

I also think it’s a mapping problem for season 2, because the last episode of season 1 and the S01E276 and the first of season 2 is S02E277. They did not pick up S02E01 (I know it’s strange).

How to ask XEM to correct this?

thank you very much for your help

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