Saving downloads into incorrect directory

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OS: Windos 10
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I am trying to get my downloads to download into a subfolder like:
T:\A-C\American Horror Story{all files go here}
T:\P-R\Prodical Son{all eps here}

And these are the settings I have used:

but when the files arrive in qBitTorrent they are saved to a root directory, instead of sub directory like I have told Sonarr to use, see here:

Is this a setting in Sonarr or a setting in qBittorrent? Anyone able to direct able to direct me to a solution?

Are both of these configured as root folders? (they should, for your setup to work)

I also vaguely remember something about an issue in case no series folders exist in the root folder at all, in a specific scenario. So you could create a new folder in T:\A-C\ and let sonarr generate metadata again. Or just straight up create the first real series folder, T:\A-C\American Horror Story in your example.

Not sure if you do it now, but never, ever, mix the download folder (managed by your torrent client) and the sorted series folder (managed by sonarr). Let sonarr be in charge of moving files from one to the other.
This means you have to disable any renaming/moving/… options in qBittorrent, and create a separate folder, let’s call it T:\Downloads\, which can be used by qBittorrent to save files to.
Sonarr will talk to qBittorrent, and move/rename files into its’ own folders when they are done.

Thanks for the reply, its greatly appreciated!

I am unsure how to check if they are configured as root folders? I have just had a poke around the Sonarr settings but couldn’t find anything like that. Can you please elaborate?

So I have just checked my settings in qBittorrent, this is how they are now (added a downloading folder):

See above screenshot, they’re the settings I have in the downloads page, do they reflect what you are suggesting?

I have a side question, I am about to add a new series (Killing Eve) to Sonarr, how should I be setting this up? Should I be adding the path as “T:\J-L” or should I be using “T:\J-L\Killing Eve”? What do you suggest?

Thanks again for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

Ok, sonarr v2… not so easy to check foot folders, but basically when you are in the screen to add a new show, the dropdown to select the paths will show you all root folders you have.

Like in the last screen where you then chose “add a different path” so you got the popup.

To add a new root folder, select the short path, don’t include the series name. So T:\J-L
Sonarr will create the series folder itself.

In the last screen you can also remove root folders, and it suggests to me that you selected the series folder for The Handmaids Tale rather than T:\S-V.

Ah excellent, I am starting to understand how it works.
So I am looking at my existing shows, and as an example I have 9-1-1, and this is the current setup:

And I am looking to tidy this up as it keep storing the series in child subfolders way too deep, they need to be stored a couple of levels up, and I now understand why its happening. So I click edit on the folder, and try to add as per the below screenshot, but see the error it is throwing? Is there a way I can tell it to ignore that and force save in that directory? Any ideas there?

set it to T:\0-9\9-1-1x, save it, then set it back to T:\0-9\9-1-1 and save it again

it doesnt like it when you just go up the tree so you have to move somewhere else first, then come back

Thanks very much rhom, that did fix that issue. Cheers

I have been monitoring Sonarr and qBitTorrent and I still cannot work out how to get sonarr to move my completed downloads (saved to T:\downloading) to their respective folders. I can see in the qBittorrent the download has completed:

But they all have not been moved from the download directory:

I note in that screenshot there are more eps than appear in qBitTorrent as I have even tried removing them from the download client, to see if Sonarr then moves the files, but they still sit in the downloaded folder.

Any ideas why they arent moving?

Actually ignore that last post, I didnt realise is the torrent was still seeding, and still inside qBitTorrent, Sonarr did not touch it. I set qBitTorrent to remove items that have seeded for > X amount of time, and when this happens the files are picked up by Sonarr and moved. Working great now!

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