Sabnzbd vs nzbget


I have been using Sabnzbd for a couple of years but have been hearing about Nzbget quite a bit lately. Wondering if I should switch or stay with Sabnzbd. I run Sonarr and Radarr on Usenet only, no torrents at all. A few questions that I have about nzbget: 1) does the cpu speed make a difference? 2) does it need scripts or can Sonarr/Radarr provide what is needed to put the file in the right place/folder/directory?

Any opinions welcome, I’m just looking for what might be the newest/fastest/most reliable downloaded.



Nzbget here. I run everything on my NAS, and Sab was quite “heavy” on the resources.
CPU speed: you’ll only notice during par/unrar but it’s the same for both: faster CPU equals faster verification/unpacking.
It doesn’t need anything extra, sonarr/radarr can directly talk to it to get the queue contents etc.

I feel like it’s faster, but that may be subjective. I haven’t looked back at Sab, and since both can do pretty much the same it’s a matter of personal preference I guess…


Great answer, covered everything I asked. I asked about the scripts because I ran across them on github awhile back when using couchpotato. Glad it doesn’t really need them.