"Russian Doll" is not Russian!


Sonarr version

Windows 10:

Episodes wrongly blacklisted as foreign language:

As Russian appears in the title of the new Netflix Series “Russian Doll” Sonarr is treating all episodes as Russian language recordings and consequently blacklisting every one. Can this be got round using the current program or does it require an update to the language filtering system at your end? I can, for the moment, download manually, of course, but it would be good to get a permanent solution.


I just came here to post the same thing.

Running v. on Windows 10 Pro.


For the time being, create a profile set the language to Russian and use it for that series.


I didn’t have an issue, all episodes were downloaded successfully.


Same issue for me. I manually downloaded them all. It’s an interesting use case. If the searching algorithm looks for the title “XXXX XXXXXX” in the post name “XXXX XXXXX YYYYYY YYYY ZZZZ ZZZZ” then processes the remaining text only for format/case analysis “YYYYYYY YYYY ZZZZ ZZZZ” that should help fix the problem.

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