Rssfeeds and wombles

I was always under the impression, that though search isn’t enabled, my primary source of inputs would be eztv for torrents and womble.

I have EZTV set up as an RSS feed:

Test Succeeds.

similarly, Womble just succeeds easy, but I don’t think either are being used.
How could I test this?

Disable other indexers, check debog logs to see that a request was made to those indexers and results were processed.

Logical, so I stripped out the Kat indexers. and set all of the remainder to rss only.
It seems to prefer rarbg for some reason, am going to disable that overnight to see if either wobble or the eztv-rss indexers pick up the slack.

Debug log is helping me investigate, they are working.
It’s the checking which has stopped be getting anything, particularly for eztv it is:
16-7-23 13:58:35.3|Debug|TorrentSeedingSpecification|Not enough seeders. (0)

Is there a global setting to work around this? I’m guessing from what I’ve read around the forum that it’s actively been a decision NOT to.

A long-winded workaround would be to use pipes to recreate a alternative feed where I’d be setting torrent:seeds to 1, if 0. This would add latency to the overall process though.

No global work around for that, I know for KAT there was a grace period for zero seeders (if the torrent was new enough the minimum seeders of 0 was not enforced), it sounds like that wasn’t implemented anywhere else, probably because this was an explicit limitation of KAT and not necessarily an issue with all RSS feeds.

I’ve reported this to eztv too, asking if they can implement a default of 1 if unknown instead of 0. If you had the scope to expand this functionality to other rss feeds, that would be fab, but I can understand if you wouldn’t want to.

An ideal I guess would be adding a boolean on the indexer level whether or not to ignore that particular check.