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I am very new to Sonarr and struggling to understand the root folder options.

Using a seedbox and in Sonarr have set up 2 paths for root folder which are:

/downloads/TV Shows

Now when I download TV show to my seedbox it doesn’t move the downloaded files to the TV shows section.

What am I doing wrong?
If the completed files are moved will they be continued to be seeded?

At the moment I am manually copying the downloaded files to /downloads/TV Shows and then adding a folder for that series.

Please can someone help me?

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If Sonarr and your download client are on different machines you will need to find a way to mount the storage on the seed box on the machine running Sonarr so it can import the files. Which I assume is the case of Sonarr is running on Windows, but you’re referencing Linux paths.

This is a pretty major red flag of a poor setup, you should not have your sorted root folder in downloads or download directly to your root folder.

Take a look trash guides on how to set things up optimally for hard links and seeding How to setup for - TRaSH Guides

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