Rnm inserted in filename

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Synology Disk Station / Docker
Debug logs: https://www.toptal.com/developers/hastebin/ipizehayof.yaml
Description of issue: .rnm is added to filename before filetype
I am running SABnzbd with Sickbeard MP4 automator on a Synology DSM. SABnzbd is able to properly convert to mp4 using the Sickbeard MP4 automator script.

I have Sonarr installed in Docker and it is able to successfully pass the download to SABnzbd where the file is successfully converted to MP4. The issue seems to come up when SABnzbd passes back to Sonarr. The file and folder structure is created appropriately, but the file always has .rmn inserted in the file name jsut before the file extension:

EG: *.m4v is instead saved as *.rnm.m4v

Log file listed above. I have replaced file names with a *.

Any help is much appreciated.

I suppose that’s where your issue is… :slightly_smiling_face:

I am aware that the sickbeard mp4 automator is adding the rnm to the file. I think that Sonarr may be failing to remove it (see the nzbdrone error at the end of the log file).

Why would sonarr ever remove a file that has rnm?

Info logs and censored logs are completely useless for any troubleshooting or any assistance.

Sonarr gets the path to look for the file from the download client.

The log clearly indicates an error at file rename. The automator adds the rnm during it’s process Sonarr is supposed to remove when it finishes renaming the files. All I’ve censored from the logs is the name of what was downloaded.

Here is the debug log (again I’ve CENSORED the name of the download): https://www.toptal.com/developers/hastebin/lasacebima.apache

why are you censoring logs? there is no point and no one asked you to - it also makes troubleshooting much harder than it needs to be… but if you don’t want help i guess…

It looks like the issue is with the script and not sonarr - the api call to sonarr to rename the files is passing an invalid series id

this is not a sonarr problem at all - the third party script is broken and needs to be fixed.