Retain sonarr-specific indexer settings when using Prowlarr "full sync"

Would it be feasible to retain any Sonarr indexer settings that are not managed by Prowlarr, if using Prowlarr’s “full sync” app option?

For example, I’m running into the following issue:

  1. In Sonarr, set an indexer’s DownloadClient setting to a specific client.
  2. In Prowlarr, trigger an app indexer sync.
  3. In Sonarr, refresh the indexer page, and the DownloadClient is reverted to (Any).

I’d like to have Prowlarr fully manage the changes to indexers (full sync), but still be able to tweak the per-app indexer options that Prowlarr doesn’t know about.


I think that’d be up to Prowlarr to not overwrite the settings, perhaps by pulling the indexers and merging the settings.

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