Request: Preferred words (AFTER Resolution)


It would be great if there was a way to do the following:

  1. Reorder the preferred words (drop drag, similar to qualities).

  2. Mark a preferred word as only being accepted, if it is after the resolution, e.g. 1080p.AMZN.

Number 2, would be beneficial for words such as .iT. and .RED. e.g.:


Results in


Is there a way of achieving this already, or the same effect?

I realise I could do 1080p.AMZN - 1080p.NF - however that would prove problematic w.r.t {Preferred.Words}.

Also Number 1 would be useful, as again, it appears {Preferred.Words} uses the order from that list (unless I am mistaken)


every preferred word in the list is checked so it doesnt matter if it is first or last in the list, if its in the title it gets that score added regardless of its position (in the list). its not a matter of only the first word found in the title gets its score applied.

i would have expected that to be there but not specially after the reslution, more that they strip out the series and ep name then check - but i could be wrong and it checks the whole title


Yep, I realize the position in the preferred words list is irrelevant when it comes to score.

However, if you are using {Preferred.Words} in your file naming, it appears to be top down r.e. matches.

So, if you have .iT. above .AMZN. in the preferred words list, and both matches are found in the release title.

The filename would be .iT.AMZN.

If .AMZN. is above .iT. - then .AMZN.iT. ; so being able to reorder the preferred words by dragging and dropping would be great for people with big preferred word lists.

With regards to the preferred word matches, it does appear to match the whole release name, so where releases have episode titles in the name, .iT. would match any release with It in the episode title.


ah, yes, that would make sense. and if you add a word later that you want first in filename then you cant do it (at the moment)

that possibly a bug as i wouldnt expect it should be matching with the series or episode name


It’s the same as must contain/must not contain and it checks the whole release title. No short term plans to change this behaviour.


could both be added to the long term plans? since both are tag based it seems counter intuitive in having them check against the series or episode name parts of the release name

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