Request: Leaked Option


Sometimes episodes are available earlier than expected so, could you please add a leaked option like DuckieTV has.
Where once pressed Sonarr will start to search for the episode as if it was released normally.


Sonarr doesn’t search for episodes (this is covered in the FAQ), when it’s released is not something Sonarr cares about.

TLDR: Sonarr already handles this.


Thanks for your reply but, I don’t think i explained this very well.

Correct me if i am wrong but, once an episode has aired it will be added to the wanted list.
Which will be matched against the indexers top 100 feeds every 15 minutes, if a match is found it will be sent to the torrent client.

If so, what i should have said is, once the leaked button is pressed Sonarr will add the episode to the wanted list.


I understood what you meant, but it’s not necessary in Sonarr.

If it’s monitored it’s always wanted, it’ll appear in the Missing list if it’s aired and Sonarr doesn’t have an episode on disk for it.

It appearing in that list only matters if the episode has aired, if it’s aired and isn’t there it means it isn’t monitored and Sonarr won’t grab a release for it unless you searched for it explicitly.

There is no need to take action and tell Sonarr to look out for something early, it’ll do that on it’s own.


I misunderstood the wiki/FAQ, as i didn’t see where it said every thing that is monitored will be downloaded if found even if its not aired.
Thank you for clarifying that.

Also, i cant find an option to select how many most recently posted episodes to grab from the indexer, or have i just missed it.


There isn’t such an option, generally it’s 100 because that’s the maximum for most indexers on a single page if Sonarr has been unable to get the RSS feed and it needs to get more it can request up to 1000 total (10 pages) if the indexer supports it.

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