Request Failed. POST /api/v3/command

Sonarr version
Mono version
OS Linuxserver Docker:
Debug logs:

2021-07-20 09:42:37.8|Info|RssSyncService|Starting RSS Sync
2021-07-20 09:42:39.0|Info|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing 100 releases
2021-07-20 09:42:39.4|Info|RssSyncService|RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 100, Reports grabbed: 0
2021-07-20 09:46:20.7|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 2 indexers for [Resident Alien : S01E10]
2021-07-20 09:46:21.9|Info|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing 21 releases
2021-07-20 09:46:40.5|Info|Nzbget|Adding report [Resident.Alien.S01E10.XviD-AFG] to the queue.
2021-07-20 09:46:40.6|Info|DownloadService|Report sent to NZBGet. Resident.Alien.S01E10.XviD-AFG
2021-07-20 09:47:12.0|Info|Auth|Auth-Unauthorized ip url ‘
2021-07-20 09:47:30.0|Fatal|SonarrErrorPipeline|Request Failed. POST /api/v3/command

[v3.0.6.1265] System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element
at System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable1[T] source, System.Func2[T,TResult] predicate) [0x00070] in <798dd06330af4ca3886d7d2be5573af7>:0
at Sonarr.Api.V3.Commands.CommandModule.StartCommand (Sonarr.Api.V3.Commands.CommandResource commandResource) [0x0000d] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\Sonarr.Api.V3\Commands\CommandModule.cs:50
at Sonarr.Http.REST.RestModule1[TResource].<set_CreateResource>b__42_0 (System.Object options) [0x00000] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\Sonarr.Http\REST\RestModule.cs:168 at Nancy.NancyModule+<>c__DisplayClass38_01[T].b__0 (System.Object args) [0x00047] in :0
at Nancy.NancyModule+<>c__DisplayClass40_01[T].<Post>b__0 (System.Object args, System.Threading.CancellationToken ct) [0x00047] in <e31b230dbd29407fadcc55713e0bbd0f>:0 at Nancy.Routing.Route1[T].Invoke (Nancy.DynamicDictionary parameters, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken) [0x00017] in :0
at Nancy.Routing.DefaultRouteInvoker.Invoke (Nancy.Routing.Route route, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken, Nancy.DynamicDictionary parameters, Nancy.NancyContext context) [0x00086] in :0
at Nancy.Routing.DefaultRequestDispatcher.Dispatch (Nancy.NancyContext context, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken) [0x002b7] in :0
at Nancy.NancyEngine.InvokeRequestLifeCycle (Nancy.NancyContext context, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken, Nancy.Bootstrapper.IPipelines pipelines) [0x0011d] in :0

Description of issue:
Hello, this is a new install of Sonarr and NZBget with It seems Sonarr doesn’t understand the api call nzbtomedia is making once the file is finished downloading. Any ideas? Is there a way to see the exact payload the sonarr api is receiving in order to debug the api call?


Figured it out. I was wrongly using the script, which calls the MoviesScan api. MoviesScan does not exist in Sonarr. I changed NZBGet to use with the relevant sections for Sonarr.

what’s the point/use of this script?

from reading it it appears it notifies the *arr that the download client has completed the download?

That seems moot and sounds like it would run afoul of sonarr’s native process of monitoring the download client and importing once the client indicates it is complete

Hi. I’m new to Sonarr, coming from Sickbeard/rage.

Indeed the purpose of the script is to alert the media server that the download is complete. It sounds from your post that this isn’t necessary with Sonarr.

I’ll disable the script to see if everything works as expected. I can confirm that things appear to work correctly with the script enabled, but better if the script can be axed.

Thanks @bakerboy448. I disabled the script in NZBget and everything works as expected, Sonarr grabs the file and places it on the correct location. I wish I had known (read the docs) sooner, I spent hours debugging that damn Python error.

Have a great day!