Request / Bug: Manual DB v2 Import Option


Sonarr version (exact version):
**Mono version **:
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1
Debug logs:
Nothing relating to this, except when i try to manually import then i get a DB is corrupted error.
Description of issue:
Can you add the option to manually import old Sonarr v2 database files.

Because, after installing Sonarr v3 it doesn’t seam to import the Sonarr v2 database files, and Sonarr v3 remains empty.

Also, where does Sonarr v3 look for and import the ole DB files from.


On Ubuntu it would look in ~/.config/NzbDrone/nzbdrone.db. If v3 is running under a different user then it would be unable to find the database file automatically, but you can restore it through the UI.


yes, both v2 and v3 are the same user but, v3 AppData directory is now /var/opt/sonarr/.config/Sonarr although, v2 was as you said in ~/.config/NzbDrone/

Also, how can i restore this via the ui.


You sure that it’s the same user?

The v3 package now creates a sonarr user and sets it’s home directory to /var/opt/sonarr if it didn’t already exist. In this case Sonarr won’t be able to find the old database and migrate it automatically.

You can restore it from System: Backup.


yes, its definitely the same user.

Thanks, that worked.


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