Report for Pending Changes/Updates to TV series; Specials added, New Season Added, Mass Reorder or rename

Sonarr version (
OS: Windows 10

Is there a method to list/report pending changes that add or make mass changes to any/all series. A tool to help from missing new content or having major changes to a Series that requires user intervention to correct incorrect update.
Something like an exception report, that would list missing or pending changes to TV series database.
(I realize there a huge volume of data changes each update/refresh, not asking for Episode spelling changes, minor corrections, etc.)

Attempt to explain the need by these few examples 1) some series may have holiday specials. Then SPECIAL is added to Series and left unmonitored. User may be unknowing of pending episode/special and miss.
2) have a series that is complete, then major update that causes Seasons to reorder that may cause loss of series structure, even causing orphaned episodes. (For example; Series The UnXplained or Bar Rescue, a season may continue on increasing in episode count. Then an adjustment comes that creates a new Season, episodes may not correctly split and renumber.
3) Or a TV series thats been concluded for length of time (user unawere or series may be Unmonitored), then series renews or reacquired by new network and has planned new season and will proceed on same TV Series ID, that creates new season & episodes added.
If there isnt an easy way to make changes reports, maybe I could add Feature Request or reporting or maybe a image flag on series that have new/major changes.