Repeat downloads -> affected by file renaming?

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OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
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I have Sonarr running on the same box as my nzbget install. NZBget has a bunch of post processing scripts, including one that takes the download and renames it - for example from:


To: Some Show - S01E10 - Episode Name.avi

However I noticed that Sonarr would sometimes re-download the same episode - twice or even thrice. Sometimes it would even do so a week after downloading the original one… I do have “ignore deleted episodes” selected although I am unsure if that actually does anything relating to this issue.

The profile I use is 1080p exclusively and has Bluray, WEBDL and HDTV selected; I’ve noticed that sometimes the downloads are MKV files and sometimes are MP4.

So - how do I stop it from re-downloading something that’s already there? Could it be that the issue appears due to renaming done by NZBget?

EDIT: Just realized something: The quality selector - does it work like a priority thing? Meaning say I have it setup as Bluray, HDTV and WEBDL, top to bottom - if it download WEBDL first and then a Bluray release comes out, will it redownload in an attempt to “upscale”? Can that be stopped and instead do “best available at the time” type of a thing?


I’d suggest don’t use scripts that rename downloads. They serve no purpose if you use completed download handling in sonarr.

About the qualities: yes, the order matters (top is considered better by sonarr). So in your example it would indeed download the bluray once it’s released (assuming cutoff is set as bluray).
If you want “best available at the time”, set your cutoff to the lowest enabled quality in your profile.