Repack/proper "upgrade" with lower custom score than original

I have several custom format scores to prefer 265, I’ve just noticed several downloads because another release group did a repack, and it upgraded them above my custom formatting scores for 264.

It’s technically a downgrade, I understand why (because of “preferring” repack and proper). I have disabled this for now, but I still want to acquire the proper/repacks, in the event of a fix.

Is there a way to perform an upgrade to repack/proper if you have a file from that release group? Therefore if I have a different release group it won’t download it.

Repacks are for the same release group, propers are for different release groups. Sonarr will only grab repacks if the file it has is from the same release group.

If you set Sonarr to not prefer repacks and propers it won’t prioritize them (but you can do that with preferred words), it’ll still reject repacks for different release groups though.

My testing shows it doesn’t work like that.

If I have a file from RELEASE-GOURP-A and search (manual or automatic), it finds results at the top from RELEASE-GROUP-B that has the word ‘repack’ and downloads them. So it’s pushing anything that is ‘repack’ to the top of the list.

Therefore it’s not ‘release group’ specific, as you describe.

Ahh, I was mistaken, filtering out repacks by release group isn’t done unless they are preferred and set to upgrade to. Not sure that we’d want to introduce that behaviour when Sonarr is not managing the preference in case it rejects something you actually want from a different release group.

With CF scoring you’d need to prevent a repack with an otherwise lower scored release from being grabbed by not giving repacks an larger score than the things you care about.

Thanks for the response/feedback,

Your original expected behaviour is what I’d like TBH, where if a repack or proper is ordered higher than original release, but not over other releases.

My issue is as the repack was sent to the top it started to upgrade over a different release without any issues and the CF scoring was ignored, as there are few repacks, and my preference is 265.

I’m unsure if there is a way around this using CF. One option I thought of was using regex with variables, for example, “current file release group” to define a higher score. But I don’t believe that’s even a thing. It might be more appropriate to fix route cause, but you might not see it as a problem.

Have you changed Propers and Repacks to something other than the default?

For CF to take preference and control upgrading you’d need to set it to Do Not Prefer and then use CF to score propers/repacks. You won’t be able to ensure that repacks only upgrade a release from the same group, but the cases where there is an otherwise equal release + repack should be quite rare.

Yep, I tried the different options and retested.

I just don’t think there is a means to do what I’m after. I’ll have to just go with CF and scoring, it atleast doesn’t overtake the other CF scores.

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