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Description of issue: I have just migrated from v2 of Sonarr to v3 and in the process are setting up new naming formats etc.

In my new setup I have {Release Group} as part of my naming structure which is fine for new releases however if I rename one of my old releases instead of leaving the {Release Group} blank it either adds Sonarr as below


or if the series name has a “-” in it whatever is after the “-” gets added is there any way to stop this from happening when trying to rename old files?


No, there is no way to override it, it’s going to depend on what Sonarr was able to parse from the filename when it imported it.


Ok, thanks for your reply.

I figured as much so I will remove {Release Group} and rename all my old media then add it back for new media

Great work on v3 BTW as it adds pretty much everything I wanted that v2 did not have and I really like the new interface :slight_smile:


Sonarr uses the ‘Sonarr’ default to avoid weird filenames like Series.Title.S01E01.x264-.mkv.

But you can use {.Release Group} instead of .{Release Group}. Prefixes/Suffixes embedded in the token are omitted if the value itself is empty.
For the Release Group there is special logic that omits the ‘Sonarr’ default if such an embedded prefix/suffix is present.

So {Series.Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}-{Release Group}
generates Series.Title.S01E01-Sonarr.mkv instead of Series.Title.S01E01-.mkv

but {Series.Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}{-Release Group}
generates Series.Title.S01E01.mkv


Thanks for that I have just tried this and works great, seems you have thought of everything after all :slight_smile:

I just did another test against one of the other cases that was causing an issue with the above and that is where there is a “-” in the file name, such as the example below:-

Season 1\Dr.Ken.S01E05.Halloween-Aversary.WEBDL-1080p.mkv
Season 1\Dr.Ken.S01E05.Halloween-Aversary.WEBDL-1080p.Aversary.mkv

Naming scheme used

{Series.Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}.{Episode.Title}.{Quality.Full}.{MediaInfo VideoDynamicRange}{.Release Group}


yes, my trick was only for avoiding the ‘Sonarr’ release group, not the parser issue.

It’s not supposed to accept anything that’s followed by WEBDL or 720p/1080p, stuff like that. So it’s kinda a bug. I’ve filed it as

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