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I have a gremlin with my Plex setup on my Mac mini running High Sierra that has been haunting me for a while. I use NXBget, Sonarr and Radarr. For some reason from time to time season folders are named differently like Season 4 or Season 04 and sometimes the file is saved outside of the the shows root folder as in the graphic below. Can’t figure it out. Thanks


Sonarr only uses your naming settings, it wouldn’t change, possibly something else is importing things wrong.

We’re going to need to see debug logs of an import and also your naming settings.

That sounds like you’re mixing unsorted (from your download client) and sorted files (this Sonarr imported), first fix that and then back to debug logs to see why it’s not importing or it is and it’s a seeding torrent, so it’s not going to delete the source, which is covered in the FAQ.


Will have to get the logs to you when it happens again as I am not sure when this happened. I discovered when doing some housekeeping on my server. Will post logs if it occurs again. Don’t do torrents.


After making a dedicated download folder, and re-pointing NXBget, I would do the following in Sonarr to clean everything up and make it easier to see issues:

  • Run a rename on any problem series
  • Do an in place import (from wanted). (you will have to do it interactively, because all of the files sizes will be the same). I have done this in the past if I changed the naming scheme for the series or season folders. (but pay attention, because you have multiple copies of season 4 episodes there.)

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