Rename files after import

Currently, one can specify rename rules to occur during import (i.e. one downloads an obfuscated file and it gets renamed to some specified form based on meta data associated with it).

However, if one decides one wants to rename (at least some subset) of files after this, one doesn’t seem to have a good ability to.

there are 2 button in v3 that I’d think would be related to this, but don’t do anything for me.

  1. preview rename, always show all its work is done for me.

  2. manage episodes, seems to just be about managing metadata.

I’d like rename to have a manage episode type feel, where one could specify a rename format one wants (much like one can specify globally), select the episodes one wants to rename based on that format and click process and all the selected files will be renamed.

  1. That means the format either matches your renaming format or renaming is disabled
  2. Deleting files or changing the quality/language sees for those files

At this time we don’t have plans to support on the fly renaming options like you’re suggesting. Possibly something for the future, but not something we’re going to commit to at this time.