Remove Multiple Files From Download Client

I’d like to have an option to select multiple files from the activity queue to remove from the download client. Perhaps a checkbox could be added for each activity item and then a “Remove all selected from download client” would be placed at top or bottom of the table.

Just now, I sourced a better version of a series I had queued. I manually added it to my library, and then I tried to remove the 150+ episodes from the activity queue. Unfortunately, I have to do it episode by episode.

The easiest route is perhaps remove them from your download client? :slight_smile:

Yes, but will I run into a problem with the fact that they still show in the Sonarr queue as having been sent to download client? Will that correct itself?

Also, if I have more than one client (e.g. usenet, torrent), Sonarr keeps track of which it was sent to, no? So just as for individual episode removals, if multiple episode removal is included in Sonarr I don’t have to figure out which client for each episode I’d have to cancel the download.

Sonarr sees what the download client reports, so they will clear after the check for completed downloads task in sonarr has run, which is every minute iirc.

Multiple download clients can indeed be a little bothersome to check them all, yeah…

I personally use Tags to handle that. When something is grabbed it has a tag of Sonarr/Radarr and after it is imported it is swtiched to Sonarr-Imported/Radarr-Imported (i have a lot of automation and scripts i made for post processing so this was an easy addition)

Sonarr only pays attention to the tag Sonarr so if something doesn’t switch to the imported tag i know something went wrong, or i can manually switch it and Sonarr wont see it any longer.

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