Remote Path Mappings setup assistance


Here is my current setup:

Linux server runs download clients and saves data to a mounted share on a Windows servers (NAS unit).

Sonarr is running on a second Windows box.

Final downloaded files are stored on a third Windows share.

I’m running Sonarr service as Windows user so that I can access the various shares. It’s able to read my library (and series that have been downloaded) however I’m unable to get it to copy newly downloaded content to the final location.

I am guessing that since the download client API doesn’t provide the final path I would need to use the Remote Path Mapping but I’m not 100% sure.

The way I have it currently setup:
host: myDownloadClientBox
Remote Path: (mounted share) //media/Downloads
Local Path: (final Windows share) \ShowsNAS\Shows\

Again I’m not sure this is how it should be configured so I figured that I would ask. Tried to research but couldn’t come up with that specific scenario.


Assuming I understand your paths correctly then that doesn’t look entirely right. Remote Path and Local Path should be the same path in actuality, that is, they should both point to the same folder.

Remote path is what your download client host will see the path as, so /media/Downloads if that is where the files are (not double /'s either), while local path is what that folder is shared as; how you reach that path from the computer sonarr is running on. That means probably something like \ShowsNAS\Downloads or whatever the downloads folder is shared as.

I guess Shows is where your shows are residing, and you don’t specify this here, but in the series settings themselves.



perfect that worked great ty!
Ended up having to reapply permissions on the destination location but everything is working as it’s supposed to.


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