Remote download client places downloads in F:\ but this is not a valid LinuxMusl path

Mono version
Running on Unraid

Sonarr is running as a docker container on Unraid, but the download client runs on a Windows machine, and uses F:\ as the default download path.

The files are downloaded, but not imported, with this error:
value [F:\tv-sonarr<insert tv show here>] is not a valid *nix path. paths must start with / Parameter name: path

How can I write the path in the Download client so Sonarr becomes happy?
I have tried several methods, like f$, \windows_ip\f$ etc. B
But none are successful.

Any tips?


You need to mount the path the Download client uses on the Windows machine in Unraid, and then map that mount in docker so that Sonarr can actually see it.

This is not really a Sonarr issue, but you may be able to reference the resources to help you out.