Release rejected for being Unknown Series

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Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):

Unsure how to find. Here is a screenshot of my info


OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

Currently trying to get Sonarr set up with NJPW. However, each search will give the titular error on the releases that would be most desirable. I have searched the forums as it seems the error is somewhat common, but the solutions aren’t clear to me.
Any support in getting this running smoothly would be greatly appreciated.

This is covered in the FAQ: Sonarr FAQ | Servarr Wiki

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This is in response to the Form Entry (Row 7708 on the spreadsheet):

The issue I’m facing is not limited to entries with “Day X” in the title. Another example release that is being rejected is:

Release Name: NJPW.Anniversary.Event.2024.03.06.Eng.1080P
Log Entry: |Debug|ParsingService|No matching series NJPW Anniversary Event

Day 7 on the left side of the date makes this alias not possible to support

Same applies to ‘Anniversary Event’.

This can only be resolved by the release group changing their naming format.

So a “correct” format for Sonarr would be NJPW.2024.03.06.Anniversary.Event.Eng.1080P?

I assume that Sonarr et al. would stick closely to scene standards:

18.4.1) Feature.Title.<YEAR>.<TAGS>.[LANGUAGE].<RESOLUTION>.<FORMAT>.<x264|x265>-GROUP
18.4.2) Weekly.TV.Show.[COUNTRY_CODE].[YEAR].SXXEXX[Episode.Part].[Episode.Title].<TAGS>.[LANGUAGE].<RESOLUTION>.<FORMAT>.<x264|x265>-GROUP
18.4.3) Weekly.TV.Show.Special.SXXE00.Special.Title.<TAGS>.[LANGUAGE].<RESOLUTION>.<FORMAT>.<x264|x265>-GROUP
18.4.4) Multiple.Episode.TV.Show.SXXEXX-EXX[Episode.Part].[Episode.Title].<TAGS>.[LANGUAGE].<RESOLUTION>.<FORMAT>.<x264|x265>-GROUP
18.4.5) Cross.Over.TV.Show.One.SXXEXX[Episode.Part].[Episode.Title]_Show.Two.SXXEXX[Episode.Part].[Episode.Title].<TAGS>.[LANGUAGE].<RESOLUTION>.<FORMAT>.<x264|x265>-GROUP
18.4.6) Miniseries.Show.PartX.[Episode.Title].<TAGS>.[LANGUAGE].<RESOLUTION>.<FORMAT>.<x264|x265>-GROUP

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