Release Profiles - RegEx, with A negative score?

Sonarr Version:
Package Version: nightly-b36db54 by hotio
Mono Version:
OS, unRAID: 6.9.1


I have setup Sonarr > Settings > Profile > Release Profiles, according to TRaSH RegEx guide:

Under “Optional preferred preferences” the guide says:

  • Optional (use these only if you dislike renamed and retagged releases)
  • Add this for example as [-25]
  • /(-WhiteRev|-xpost|-WRTEAM|-CAPTCHA)\b/i

The “Dublin Murders - 1x06” was Upgraded from “Bluray-1080p > Bluray-1080p Remux”, with the FraMeSToR-mkv-xpost:

“FraMeSToR-mkv-xpost” has a negative score of -25:

I prefer the release above (with a score of “0”), that is not renamed/retagged, but Sonarr downloaded the renamed/retagged release, that has a score of -25.

Is that correct according to the RegEx setup or is it an error in Sonarr?

An entire Pastebin of your INFO log file is completely useless.

However it is neither an error nor a regex issue.

It upgraded to 1080p remux which I assume you have more preferred and thus it’s doing exactly what you’re telling it to do

Isn’t Sonarr supposed to download the release with the highest score?

As you can see there are two “Bluray 1080p Remux”.
One with a score of “0” and one with a score of -25.

Sonarr chose to download the one with a score of -25.

Not necessarily.

See the FAQ entry I linked