Release Profiles and Automatic Upgrades


I am new to Sonarr, but I have gotten it up and running and I am never turning back. I do have a question though. I use Sonarr with Plex for Anime and other TV Shows. With anime specifically, I have Sonarr set up to download the dual-audio (JP/EN) version of an episode/season and to download the subbed-only version from a specific source if a dual-audio version is not available.

This is all well and good, but I was wondering if Sonarr periodically rechecks monitored episodes for a higher-priority keyword and will replace it automatically?


Dual-Audio +600
SubsPlease +500

No dual audio version at release of episode, but when a dual audio version does release, Sonarr will replace the SubsPlease version.

Covered in the FAQ

It watches for new uploads

Does this include priority words in Release Profiles? If so, how often will it check? A dual audio release was out for several hours before I manually upgraded it

Yes, it’s the same for new releases or any type of upgrade and does so at whatever the RSS Sync interval is set to (15 minutes by default), depending if that’s been changed and the indexer(s) Sonarr may miss releases (it logs when it does).

Debug logs would be your best bet to determine if Sonarr saw the release and why it was rejected.

I hate to bump this but I’m having the same issue. Would you mind posting pictures of your setup?

It turns out my issue was that the way I had my Nyaa indexer setup did not allow for RSS sync. Fixed this issue by using the built in Nyaa indexer in Sonarr. I imagine you could also fix it by adding another Nyaa indexer and making the url Nyaa’s RSS url, but I have not tried.