Release group parsing

Dropping in feature requests (not 100% correct, but I don’t feel it’s a bug either):

Release name:


Release group parsed: Altezachen
Expected: DON

I know there’s a regex that pinches off these re-releasers (for lack of a better word) from the end of the release names, and it does so on a case by case basis (e.g. Rakuv and all its variations).

Not sure if this can be generalized a bit more? I think dashes in the name of a release group are “illegal” as per scene rules anyway, so if you end up with something-something just drop the dash and whatever follows it?

Just a thought… :slight_smile:

As much as I hate having to add them one by one, it’s the safest way to ensure we’re not nuking something useful and for the most part it’s not too often we need to add them.

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