Refuses to toggle Unmonitored Finished Shows

Sonarr versionVersion
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Debug logs**:
Season Pass Section

  1. Selection of All items.
  2. Select Monitor
  3. Select Missing Episodes.

With this logic, you should be able to reevaluate all of your database to locate any missing episodes and place them back on the monitor section. It should also remove all completed shows and episodes.

I have notice that ALL shows keeps the last season monitored and that forces all shows to move to the monitored status.

The only reason I found this was that I have had ro restart Sonarr from scratch after a HD fail. I makes you have to go thru the season pass manually.

It would make sense to allow this feature to do what it does on the initial import of the shows. That worked great. With an inclusion of a Title format of {Series TitleTheYear} - {season:00}X{episode:00} - {Episode Title} it makes it very easy to reload the system with only a few changes.

The Missing Episodes option will not unmonitor the series, it will unmonitor the episodes (and seasons, except for the last if all episodes are unmonitored).

What are you expecting to happen that isn’t happening?

Maybe it should be a little clearer.

If I select All.
Then Monitor Series.
Episodes. Missing Episodes

The logic should be to look at ALL of the selected.
If the Series is complete. Turn it Green and Unmonitor all episodes ALL episodes and the series… If this was there, I would not have to Unmonitor the entire list, then Select the the way I just said.
Another way that worked was a little over the top.
I deleted the entire database and IMPORTED the entire thing back in. Everything worked like I asked.
All series that were complete was not monitored. Missing episodes are reset and all starts checking again.

An easy fix is just that. I have gotten the system to find most of my files for my series by insureing that all directories have the Name of the series with the year it started. I do ensure the Metadata is one for just the series only.

Works great so I an only responding to let you know that it lacks one thing.

Updating each series is not affecting if you unmonitor it. Just like if you remove it from the database. There is no way of ensuring all of the files are there.

Just to let you know. I fixed it. Now it works fine. Needed to turn the upgrade feature off. That kept it monitored no matter what.

Got the Beta Update. Now we can Monitor change within the show Cool!

Problem found…
Items. The Tick (2001) & The Tick (2016)

Sonarr will only find 2016 no matter what. Had to do a manual search. Found the eps on the same Indexer as my API.
Rather the older show than the new one but Hey. To each his own. Seems the search parameters are changing. Would be nice to have an editable search parameter on shows. Just a thought. Place it in the advanced button if needed.

Now if only the USB drives would stay online all the time, I wouldn’t have to keep asking if they are all there.

And Yes, Backups take days to do and the Online backup suxs.

Made a Custom Filter to make it easier.
Monitored is False.
Status is Ended.
This works as a Completed Selection. I would like to see a selection in the Custom filter so I could make an addition to this as.

Missing Episodes is False
Status is Ended

Tis would Make the Completed better…


You already can, episode progress = 100 and status = ended.