Refresh Series runs non stop

Trace logs taken 3 mins after restart of sonarr

Refresh Series "last Execution " was 8 days ago - This fresh install was 8 days ago.

Refresh series still running 24/7 and using 48% of CPU consistently/!

I don’t see any series being refreshed in the logs. All the logs from restart would be useful to see which series is the last series it attempted to refresh/rescan from there seeing what the issue with that series is would be the next step.

Restarting from within app and stopping does not work. I must stop from with in QNap then start again.

Trace -

sonarr info -

Seem to get stuck on Ray donovan - again as this was an issue many weeks ago.
I have removed the whole RD folder and deleteted from Sonarr before running these logs.

But waited about 15 mins from the stop and restart of the app

These are the same as your previous logs.

I have removed the whole RD folder and deleteted from Sonarr before running these logs.

If it was removed why is Sonarr trying to scan that series folder?
20-2-14 21:49:22.8|Info|DiskScanService|Scanning Ray Donovan


3 logs from 5 mins ago

RD is now in another folder that sonarr cannot see.

The logs don’t show any issues. You’re going to need find the last log where a series is refreshed/rescanned to determine which series is not refreshing/rescanning properly.

And how do i do that?
Refresh Series is running 24/7

Each series it refreshes then rescans it’ll log, eventually it’s going to get stuck on one, unless you’re restarting Sonarr mid-way through.

You could also disable rescanning (on Media Management Settings) and see if the issue persists, then you’ll know it’s an issue refreshing or rescanning.

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