Redirect site (information question)

I would like my pi to host the site and my qnap to do the work. Basically the pi would pass the request to qnap which would host Sonarr.
My issue is i have plex sitting on my pi with no vpn so i can watch with almost no port opening stress.

I can’t reach the sonarr site outside my house because my vpn and qnap are locked down from outside my house.
(Also, I have a few similar information questions. is this the best way to ask?)


Any thoughts?

You would need to use a reverse proxy for something like that.

That makes sense. What is the average setup for Sonarr? Maybe my model / idea is wrong?
I figured Sonarr needed to have space to download to and be behind a VPN. Hence I used my QNAP.

I imagine most people have one device with Sonarr, the download client(s) and the files, generally it’s easier, a reverse proxy on another device doesn’t really change anything though, you could also run a reverse proxy on QNAP (they might have one built-in) or docker on QNAP.

You have lots of options and some research/learning to do on exactly how you want to implement it.

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